Green Tea

What are your thoughts on Green Tea?

Originally it was suggested to me by a friend as a kick-starter for my metabolism as one day I was complaining that there are far slimmer people than me in the office that eat a whole lot more. They had the idea that maybe my metabolism rate is really slow and that apparently Green Tea is an effective way of increasing it’s speed. I am one of those people that will try just about anything to stay in shape if it doesn’t mean having to exercise! So off I trotted to the shop to pick up some Green Tea.

When I first started drinking it, I felt somewhat hyper afterwards as I don’t drink any other caffeinated drinks, but after a while it stopped having that affect on me. But I do feel as though it keeps my energy more balanced as the day goes on; I have about 4 cups a day. I also think it is a great aid when trying to shift a few pounds. You could probably find hundreds of websites stating that Green Tea is all you need for a better body, but you should take a look at what the NHS has proved about this miracle drink. At least you know we can trust what the NHS has to say!

I have got to be honest… Green Tea isn’t exactly the best tasting drink around and it does stain your teeth. I recommend you buy a whitening toothpaste designed for coffee and tea drinkers (I use White Glo’s; you get a new toothbrush every time too) and brush morning and night. If you find the taste of Green Tea rather potent like I do, then try a blend to begin with; my favourite is Twining’s Green Tea with Peach and Cherry Blossom.


Doctor Who

So I thought for my first post, to stick to the overall British nature of this blog, I thought I’d do a write up on The New Doctor!

When I found out that Matt Smith was leaving I was truly gutted; I initially liked him from the moment he appeared on my screen. Everything about him as The Doctor was extraordinary; his bow-tie, his fez and his love for fish fingers and custard. I loved how he bounced about the screen with all of that energy and that was so clever yet at times maybe a bit dense too? He definitely did a good job of filling David Tennant’s shoes; who I also greatly miss from the show.

But with the past 3 Doctors being relatively young I do feel as though it is time for a change; to go back to the older appearance of The Doctor.

I am someone who doesn’t like spoilers, so I had been trying to ignore all news and rumours. The only strong evidence of a new possible Doctor that I had seen was Misha Collins (of Supernatual fame as the angel Castiel), pinning photos of himself to telephone booths around the UK with tubs of sweets!

Anyway, you can imagine my delight when it was announced that Peter Capaldi is our new Doctor.


From what I have seen of him on screen (both TV and film) he is a tremendous actor and I have all faith that he will be more than capable to replace Matt Smith.

I am very curious as to what his costume will be… I have a feeling we may see a somewhat sterner Doctor with Capaldi leading the show, but I just have no idea what he will wear.

It was sad to see some of the comments on Twitter after it was announced. I noticed a great difference between the UK and USA audiences. UK seemed generally happy with the decision, but not so much the USA. As far as I am concerned The Doctor is British and he is male. Imagine if The Doctor suddenly became female, it would surely change the dynamic of the show. The relationships between The Doctor and other characters would be entirely different, especially with the companion.

Well that’s my general feelings towards this new announcement! I am very much looking forward to the 50th Anniversary episode and Capaldi’s new season.

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